The suit knows its hour of glory after the second world war with Christian Dior but also Gabrielle Chanel. It was not until the 60s with the tuxedo suit and the 80s and its Working Girl dynamite, that the formula pantsuit becomes a classic of women's wardrobe. 

It is chic by nature with its two matching and perfectly cut pieces. Taken at face value, the pantsuit follows us to all our important meetings, from the banker to the president of the republic. It's a garment that gives a crazy confidence!

But it has now the advantage to become in a wink the friend of androgynous, rock or even sexy silhouettes. It is very easy to make it a "lighter" piece by playing on associations of materials, by adopting a patterned model (flowers or checks, anything goes!) or simply by choosing it in a strong color. 

Our Audrey suiting pants, adaptable to all seasons and styles, will become your MUST HAVE!


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