The flare jean is so emblematic that it succeeds in summarizing the state of mind of an era by itself. Woodstock, freedom, the need for emancipation, the melancholy of a Janis Joplin on the guitar; the hippie community of the 60s and 70s seized this garment as a standard.


The fashion world will quickly fall in love with these flared pants that flatter the figure. Tapered without being tight, it favors a slim appearance. 


In denim of course like Jane Birkin, in dark corduroy like Twiggy but also in its white or patchwork version, the flare has taken with time a tight stylistic turn to integrate the most sophisticated wardrobes. 


It is not difficult to make him find his little bohemian side, a simple white blouse is enough! However, the House of Ines de la Fressange Paris loves its versatile side: glam-rock with a leather perfecto, minimalist in total look with a denim shirtseventies chic with a velvet jacket close to the body. 


Today we like it with a slightly high waist for a very contemporary neo-70's look. 

Adopt the Charlotte in all circumstances! 



Practical information : 

Charlotte pants to find HERE

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