The little black dress is now a legend. Its fame goes back to the 20's, when Coco Chanel shook up all the standards of the time and imposed a sober, simple garment with an unequalled elegance. Now short, with ruffles, bare back, enhanced with lace, portfolio, the black dress is declined in a thousand ways and remains the great ally of our wardrobe for a result always stunning modernity. 


You can't go wrong with it! It stands on its own to create a clean and sophisticated silhouette, and it can be a blank page on which to play with all styles. It can easily be paired with a leather jacket, a teddy, a trench coat,... it is of all fashions and all seasons.


It's also the ultimate weapon for a date. By opting for a close-to-the-body version that emphasizes curves without revealing too much, you're sure to score points... and minds!


Our dress CherryOur Cerise dress can be adapted to all seasons and all styles to become your MUST HAVE dress!


Don't crumple it up, embrace it!


Practical information : 

Black cherry dress to be found HERE

Friends of the little black dress : Natalia Léna, Angèle