The tights flesh is a solution very practical solution if you want to go out with a effect "bare naked" effect all by keeping the legs covered.

It wants to be invisible to give the impression of not wearing tights. That's the problem... It is not so invisible! And that's the problem and what led many people to call it "fashion faux pas". Don' t forget the words of consultant and style queen Christina Cordula who refers to fleshy tights as an absolutely "forbidden accessory!"

Problems with flesh-colored tights: The color

Choose the wrong fleshy tights can make your legs too white or too tanned, which will not be natural.


The shine

The big problem with flesh tights is that even if you choose the right color, they often have a satin finish.


The solutionChoose matte tights !If you see any shine, run away !




The opaque or semi-opaque nude tights weigh down the legs and it's a fashion faux pas! 

The solution : Opt for some tights veiled tights up to 15 deniers !


The folds

Tights that do not have enough elastane, wrinkle at the knees and ankles.

Moreover,the thinner the pantyhose , the more fragile it is and the greater the risk of pulled threads...



No more the secret of the flesh-colored tights ! Which side are youon? Fashion fake not or flesh colored tights "acceptable" ?