THE pants is the one that makes us look good! It's sometimes difficult to find a pair of pants that fits perfectly. To be at ease and to be highlighted, it is necessary to choose its pants according to its morphology!

Here are some fashion and morpho tips to make the right choice in terms of pants.

If you have an X-shaped body


The X-shaped morphology describes a morphology that has the shoulders and hips in the same alignment as well as a marked waist. 


You have the embarrassment of choice, all models of jeans fit you: slim, bootcut, flare jeans, cigarette pants, carrot pants ...


If you have an A shape

The A-shape morphology describes a pyramidal morphology.

The top (shoulder and chest) are smaller and less wide than the bottom (hips, buttocks and thighs).


You can choose between :

bootcut jeans, flare jeans,straight jeans and high waist or regular waist jeans.



If you have a V-shaped body



Unlike the A shape , the V shape (also called inverted pyramid ) is characterized by a larger upper body volume. Broad shoulders , fairly broad chest , while the waist and legs are thinner.

High waist jeans, slim jeans, bootcut jeans, flare jeans and boyfriend jeans will fit you perfectly.

If you have an H-shaped body

Your body follows a fairly straight line, with the same width from shoulders to waist and hips.

Slim jeans and straight jeans fit you best.



If you have an O-shaped body



Your body line is rounded between your shoulders and your hips. Your waist is not naturally very marked. It is the morphology of the pulpy silhouettes.

If you have belly fat, choose a jeans straight or with a size normal. You can also try the high waist model if you feel comfortable because it will cover your curves. The jeans flared (boot cut or flare) must be worn with with heels for avoid to avoid settling down.