Paris and September accompany you to make way for the sweets of the shoulder season. This fall, Ines De La Fressange Paris has designed its new collection with a blend of elegance and refinement, bringing out the Parisian in you. 

The sun and its morning mist reflect the cherry dress and black trench coat. While one calls to mind summer, the other invites autumn to make its entrance. Blue and black ballet flats finalize this romantic look, to enhance the fusion of these seasons.

The autumnal journey continues with the masculine meeting the feminine, allowing us to assert ourselves in a light-hearted way. To illustrate this association, I suggest the simplicity of the black Oscar T-Shirt and the delicacy of the Charlotte Miel pants. And if you feel like it, you can dress up your look with the Lennie cap. 

It's important to appreciate autumn and winter through a more sophisticated look. What better way to do so than in our rusty cherry dress. An eye-catching color. A simple jacket like the Bruna model or the black Cesaria Cardigan will suffice to sublimate your outfit. You can also wear a warmer piece like the Mauricette coat or the black Franck coat. 

This new collection gives you plenty of choice to enhance your wardrobe for day or evening, and especially for the winter seasons.